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Critical data drives
better decisions.

Providing spot market conditions, including rates, market pressure, and historical trending for freight transportation professionals.

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Comprehensive data meets powerful analysis.

Stay ahead of the current freight forecast. Featuring qualitative and quantitative market data to keep its users in the know, Trans4Cast provides:

A weekly Market Demand Index (MDI), which measures spot market pressure in regards to freight versus capacity.
Regional heat maps, revealing hot and cold spots regarding rates, capacity, and available freight.
Accurate and timely analytics of the current market, as well as historical trending, enabling businesses to make quicker decisions and improve their bottom line.
Spot market conditions, including truck and load availability, truck and load searching, equipment-specific rates, and load turnaround. + FTR.

Powered by and FTR, Trans4Cast offers wide-ranging analysis about the ever-changing transportation industry. Providing spot market insights to global brands like BB&T and Bloomberg Financial, Trans4Cast breaks down big transportation data into an authoritative yet easy-to-read weekly report.

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About – Founded in 1995 as the first online load board, has grown into the Web’s largest freight matching marketplace in the industry, featuring more than 73 million loads annually. offers a variety of technology solutions and services throughout the supply chain, including the largest credit reporting and monitoring entity in the industry, and is recognized as a leading resource for transportation data and trends.


About FTR – With more than 250 years of combined experience in the transportation industry, FTR delivers qualitative analysis with historical and modal-specific insights. FTR provides powerful freight and equipment-focused reports and sponsors premier transportation events. Since its inception, FTR has distinguished itself as the only company with a complete freight data set for all modes of transportation.

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Depending on Trans4Cast for regular, predictive analytics for the transportation industry, our clients include:

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